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Our Projects Detail...
In the year 1990 to 1993
  1. Worked on the school admission of the children of the community people.
  2. Society help to provide the govt. services to community people like electricity & water connection, ration card, voter id card and other govt. services which is offered by the Delhi govt.
  3. In 1994 society has provided the necessary things for education in school like black board, chairs, benches etc. for the better adjusting to the primary school.
  4. We had fought against the crime and relief the community people.
In the year 1993 to 1996
  1. Provided the free education between 5 to 15 years children through our project “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan”.
  2. We had educated the uneducated peoples by the project of prude education.
  3. Children got the admission in a school through the admission act.
  4. Peoples those walked away on the road make them understood the how to save the life from day by day traffic life by the road safety act.
In the year 1996 to 1999
  1. Worked on the education and provide the free education to orphan children.
  2. We help children to get admission in the school through admission act.
  3. Organized the free health camps for health checkup of the community people and provided the free medicine to them.
In the year 1999 to 2002
  1. Understand people about pollution and environment by taking public meeting.
  2. Understand people from the disease of dengue, malaria, chicken pokes and typhoid by taking meeting with the officers of health department.
  3. Awareness from natural disaster like flood, Tsunami and drought to intake the self safety and others.
In the year 2002 to 2005
  1. Teaches to women’s and girl’s teaching, embroidery and make them empowered to self independent and tried to provide the jobs to them by running the vocational programmed.
  2. Given the polio drops in every month by health camps.
In the year 2005 to 2008
  1. Provided the polio drops by conducting health camps.
  2. Make the empowered and self independent women’s and girls’ for their bright future by running the projects of vocational and beauty culture programmed.
  3. Make empowered to women and girls against domestic violence and crime.
In the year 2008 to 2011-12
  1. Vaccination camp for pregnant lady and their child through Delhi govt.
  2. Society has running the programmes as vocational training and beauty culture in present.
  3. Provide computer education to the children.
  4. Conducting the health camps on social issues like health awareness.
  5. Organized the free eye checkup camp and provided the spectacle to them free of cost.
  1. Adopt new strategies and innovative health activities for community health Program i.e. Cancer & HIV/AIDS detection centre, rehabilitation of Physically/Mentally disabled people.
  2. Training to Health workers.
  3. AIDS Awareness programmes.
  4. Self help group formation and adopt more areas.
  5. Initiate the programmes in every sector in details/broadly.
  6. Liasoning with different agencies to promote our welfare activities.
  7. Road Safety Awareness program and strengthening driver’s youth and other road users.
  8. Conduct more health camps accents campaign in coming sessions.
  9. Increasing more activities in Immunization, including Polio Teekakaran, Hepatitis etc.
  10. Organizes and continues eye checkup camp in our different working Area.

I think our Society for the whole heartedly services and best co-operation the aims and objective of our Society with continued co-operation and financial help from the donors. I am confident and sure that the society will extend to bright future and for more vulnerable down-trodden section of the society in the year ahead.

It is my humble prayers to Almighty that the organization may continue to bear wins in as powerful way as possible to Almighty Kingdortr.

Your's truly,

(General Secretary, NJLKS)

Upcoming Events Detail  
NAV JYOTI LOK KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) since 14th Septempber 1990 to 26th March 2012 it was a Delhi based NGO, and now in present its a on ALL INDIA level and it has been registered on the dated 14th September 1990 on the bases of Delhi but on the date 27th March 2012 it got a level of ALL INDIA base and it got some achievement.
Before registering this NGO on the dated on 19th June 1990 couple of people were together on this day for problems and day by day increasing crime. On that day and majority of people took a decision for this and that decision was establishment for NGO and they got success for their decision and now that NGO name is NAV JYOTI LOK KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) 1990.

To be a part of this NGO contact with Mr. Veer Sain Upadhyay, Mob. +91-9350920510, +91-9211781271
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